Expressions.getDate, Expression.setTime In Logger

Wondering if anyone has seen a repetitive warning in their logger for the following:

setTime	24Apr2023 09:10:08	setTime function expected a 'date' first argument, but got null
getDate	24Apr2023 09:10:08	getDate function expected a 'int' first argument, but got null

I cant see any detail of where this function is being called and nothing comes up in any searches of tag providers. Any suggestions for how to narrow down what might be causing this? They happen together 4 times in a row every 1 second.

Those aren't expression functions themselves, but underlying method calls in an implementation. Is there an associated traceback with those?

Consider using the tag report tool to look for bad quality expression tags.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am not sure where to find the traceback. Usually there is some more context in the message I can figure out.

As for the providers, I went through all of the reports and the only "bad" tags I have left are an MQTT reference that could not be found, some disabled OPC tags, and 2 tags that route through kepserver to a device that currently is not communicating.

I temporarily replaced the MQTT reference so that it disappeared from the report and the warnings kept showing in the logs.

One second I may be on to something. I think it is in a transaction group. Will update.

I was about to say:

"Maybe they aren't coming from tags?"


Well. Thought for sure that I had it since one of the transaction groups had a broken connection to a PLC shortcut, but disabled it and the warning persist.

Could still be "not tags". Expression bindings somewhere in Perspective?

I painfully looked for setTime and getDate in all projects and came up empty, but as you mentioned with the underlying method calls maybe I need to look for something else in the keywords? I searched all scripts as well for those keywords.

Terminated all perspective sessions and the problem still persists.

I'm out of ideas. Time to call support?

Yes. I suppose so. Thanks for your assistance.