Extend built-in css class

Is it possible to override/extend built-in css classes?

Like for example, if I wanted to add more to the ia_toggleSwitch class, is there a best practices way to do so?

This thread has a little more information on that. A bit of searching and you should find more advice on the forum :slight_smile:
Perspective Table: Create a Style Class that Contains Multiple Style Settings - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Note that despite often being referred to as classes, what you actually write in CSS is almost entirely selectors.
There's no composition or inheritance [1] in CSS - any number of selectors can be written and they will all apply to the elements. So you can just write your own selector that does whatever you want it to do.

[1]. Okay, technically there's inheritance, sort of, in two ways - the order files are loaded in matters, and the 'most specific' selector wins. But it's more important to not think about CSS selectors as being something you need to "extend" - you just write a new selector and be on your way.

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