Extend Gateway Event Scripts

The the Gateway Event Scripts editor window there are tabs along the side for "Startup’, ‘Shutdown’, "Timer’, etc…
I would like to add another group, e.g. ‘My Module Scripts’, where the user can define scripts that would be called by my module.

I’ve created a class that extends AbstractMultiScriptEditor, but not sure what to do with it.

Looking through the api for the Designer Module Hook I found the following for ClientScriptConfig, but I’m after the global/gateway event script config.

VisionDesignerInterface visionDesigner = (VisionDesignerInterface) context.getModule(VisionDesignerInterface.VISION_MODULE_ID);
visionDesigner.getWorkspace().getRoot().setScriptConfig(new ClientScriptConfig(), true);

Anyone have any ideas?

I don’t think you can, but I’d be delighted to be corrected. Consider implementing your own workspace.

It doesn’t look like this area is extensible through the API, no - the list of panels to display is hardcoded, and there’s no good way to access it externally.

Could be good for the ideas portal, though.

You can always make your own panel that is similar to the one Ignition uses, and expose that editor in the tree.