Extended properties Allen Bradley


Can the logix driver read the extended properties of a tag into a compactlogix/contrologix?



Only Factorytalk can read extended properties (.@description etc) from Logix controllers.

I think you might be able to move extended properties into its own tag on the PLC though, which then would be available via OPC

I don’t think so. Let us know though. :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your reply.

Here is an update.
Like @neil2 say (By the way, welcome on the forum), the logix driver of ignition doesn’t support the read of extended tag properties.
@kelly.draehn, i’ve just tried and you cannot put a tag extended properties into another tag value.
To solve my problem there is two solution:

  • Use the extended properties on the ignition tag
  • Use memory tag in ignition to store my information.
    I’ve choose for the second one.



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