Extending Authentication Profile

We would like to implement our own custom login mechanism for Vision Clients, Is there a way we can extend the Authentication Functionality to create our own authentication profile that supports our own specific way of logging in?

If yes, how can we proceed with this? I already checked the SDK documentation but could not find much details.


Maybe I misunderstood your question, but it seems that you can do this

I created a custom login page for some of my clients by creating a main window that has auto login to a profile with no authorities. From there I run a project script on sign in to run any authentications and run any other script needed like navigating to the real main window for the project

You can create a custom User Source type, by creating a class that implements the UserSourceProfile interface (I would suggest starting from the AbstractUserSourceProfile). However, this still requires you to conform to Ignition’s expectations for users - ie, you will only ever get a username and password from a client/designer login.

If you want to do a truly exotic login system, you’ll need to “fake” it using a method like @dkhayes117 described.

Thanks, But I was thinking more like a pin based authentication, that is instead of traditional Form Login page the user would be presented with Custom form that just have pin input. I am ready to develop our own module on top of ignition authentication system, but I would need right direction on how to proceed with that, like implementing some base classed for authentication and then using those to handle login process.

Or can I add extra properties to User Details that would be saved every time a new user is created?