Extending Tree Menu Event Object

Is there a way to extend the functionality of the Menu Tree Component in perspective so I can access some other parts of the items tree ? I want to have a label which would be the page i am navigating to and another item that would be the directory that page is inside or something like that.

I would use target but it seems to open i a new page each time if I put anything in there. If someone has a way to stop that it would help too.

def runAction(self, event):
	if event.enabled:


Could you be a bit more clear in what you're trying to accomplish?

I'm reasonably certain that providing a target value with no leading slash will open in a new tab. When navigating in Perspective (including via target properties in navigation components) you must provide the mounted page path which always begins with a leading slash. Suppose you have a Page Configuration where the mounted path (URL) is /, and the View in use is a View named "Home". To navigate to this Page, you would always specify the / value. Any supplied value which does not start with a / is understood to be a non-Perspective mounted path, and is therefore opened in a separate tab so as to not exit your current tab from your project.