External Device Recommendation to Read Length, Speed, and Machine State

I have production lines that don’t have PLCs. I need to measure Length, Speed, and machine state (running/down) for these lines and bring this data to Ignition. Does anyone recommend any inexpensive device that allows me to do so? Perhaps a device that communicates via OPC will be great!

How are these being measured now?

They have an encoder of some type connected to a counter display.

Would need to know more about how this measuring device works. Does it require a high speed input? Is it analog?

Personally, I would go to one of these PLCs depending on how that measurement device works. But inexpensive is relative and at $1k and $2k they might still be on the pricey side.

It is an analog encoder (quadrature) 5 VDC - (differential) output, 1024 ppr

In this case this PLC combined with the encoder module could do the job.


I would use productivity1000 line PLC with high-speed counter card. Then wire the master power relay into an input for machine up/down. Talk to it over Modbus

< 500$ setup

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Got it. Thank you guys for your help.