External functions

Dear Experts,
Can use any DLL in or any C++ or python function in ignation? I would use some analytical function with real time data.

Mohammad Javad Danesh

No, platform-specific libraries can’t be imported on the fly. The reason is the underlying system is written in Java, which is cross-platform. DLLs have to be brought it via a JNI wrapper. You could do this if you wanted to become a module author, but fair warning: its pretty technical.

Ok, could I run any python code of scripts directly in Ignition?
Thanks in advance,

You can run any Python code that doesn’t require platform-specific libraries. However, you can call external Python scripts using the system.util.execute scripting function.

Ignition currently runs Python version 2.1

Are there any plans on upgrading the version of Python anytime soon?

I want to run numpy that requires python 2.6 and am I could install new modules?, how do I do?

We have plans to upgrade the version of Python that we use in Ignition, but not in the immediate future. Its a bit of a backwards compatibility nightmare.

You can “import” your own modules by copying them into a project’s global script module. You may have to massage the script a bit to get it to work correctly.