External Python Libraries

Can Someone tell me if I can use matplotlib.pyplot in Ignition? I saw some posts where it says these modules are built on C and cannot be supported with Ignition. Is this correct?

If it's compatible, please share an example code. I've copied the necessary Jython library files to Ignition site_packages folder.

I don't see a jython version of matplot lib from a cursory google search and in general jython implementations of cython libraries are not usually a top priority for anyone, so there's not too many out there outside of the standard lib (and you should try to avoid that too outside of the basic things tbh).

Even if you did get matplotlib imported though, I assume you are trying to show a graph? If that is the case and you are just trying to show a graph of data, you are probably better off using Ignition's API to make the datasets manually with your own logic and system.dataset.toDataSet() and then feeding it to a Chart component.

What is the end goal you are trying to accomplish? Good chance someone here's already tried to do it.

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Yeah. I can use the Ignition XY chart to show the graph, but it doesn't have features like Zoom In/Out or adding Pens or calculating std deviations..etc

Can I use the Power Chart in Perspective with X axis mapped to something other than time

Zoom In/Out is tricky, I believe it can be approximated with the Chart Range Selector, as for the other things, they can absolutely be accomplished with just base perspective components and Ignition's API.

No, the Power Chart is intended to be used with historical data.

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How about using Seaborn and NumPy libraries in Ignition? are they supported?


The reason being is they are associated with C Programming? Can you suggest a python library which can be used to plot the graphs with features like Power chart ?

Is this for tag values? If so can you use historian? Power chart is made to work with tag historian plug and play.

No, because the Power Chart isn't just chart generation, but a web-driven user interface. And it is all javascript, not python or jython. Output from any python library would need to be massaged into a web-compatible format for Perspective, and you'd have no user interface.