External Python script using External Automation or Plugins

HI All,

I’m trying to create a Dataset into ignition from a excel macro based spreadsheet. I figured out the first part (converting the .xlsm to a .xlsx format) then reading the data into pandas. I was also able to create the dataframe using pandas and numpy using pycharm. However since ignition uses java instead of c we cannot use pandas or numpy in a native ignition platform.

I guess my main question would be would it be possible for Ignition to call the script from a external automation source such as Jenkins and then pull that data back to ignition? Or is there an easier approach to this?


Take a look at this thread; we bundle a third-party library that understands Excel well enough to directly import files from it.


Excellent, ill start working on the conversion from python to java. Ill let you know how it turns out here shortly