Extra OPC Folder

In the picture, for REAL[3].R9, there is an extra folder to assign it to an Ignition tag. But for REAL[4].R9, there is not an extra folder. Is this problem occurring because of Ignition, or due to RSLogix?

This problem occurs when I edit a controller tag through RSLogix 5000. I started out with 1-10, and needed to change it to 0-9. The REAL that is not currently being used does not have this problem, but the tags I am currently using, I have to search into another folder. REAL[3].R9.R9.


OPC Folder

Is this a screenshot of the OPC browser?

If this is the legacy driver you may just need to restart the OPC UA module.

Yes, that is OPC browser.

I will try that. Will restarting the module disable all tags from operating?

You’ll lose connection to your PLCs and values while it restarts. You might need to wait if that’s not okay.