Extract calendar month/year based on nav buttons

I am using the Calendar component on Ignition 7.9.10.

I would like to get the month and year when a user clicks the forward and back buttons. I am unable to get this and I do not see any event property change either. The mouse events do not respond to these buttons either with the exception of the ‘ok’ button.

I am building a window where I calculate system performance by day or by month. this works fine if they select a day in the month. I would like to calculate monthly/yearly based on the buttons they click on the bottom of the component.

I realize it is only one more click for the user but it would be useful to get the displayed month/year if nothing is selected.

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The easiest solution is probably to disable all buttons on the default component, and implement your own.

If you just disable the “OK” button, the dates will always be updated immediately.
If you want to change the date selection when going to a different month, you will need to disable the navigation buttons and implement your own.

This is an example of such an interface I made, where they wanted to select a time range, but only in entire days, and being able to jump to the next/previous day, week or month.

It’s just two calendar components, with buttons to change the start or end day, or both at once (as a range).

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