Extract information from a Dropdown component

hello everyone I have a question, I have a Spinner list and I have a TAG with an INSERT in a change event and I want to see if I can read the content of the Spinner within the event

Not sure what you mean by a ‘spinner list’?

@nminchin it’s a component, in 79 at least

@antonio.sanchez you want to bind to the intValue likely, see image. Also can you please tag the thread with the appropriate Ignition version you are actually developing on, unless you actually are working on some mad system that has 4 major versions all running at the same time…


what I want is that when the user selects a state from the list, he can save it when my change event is fulfilled in the TAG

That’s a Dropdown component, not a Spinner component (a spinner is a numeric display with up and down arrows to increment the value up and down). You really need to use the right terminology as otherwise you can be talking about one thing and we might be thinking you’re talking about something completely different

I’m still struggling to underetand what you’re trying to do :thinking: what is your tag change script doing? I assume that it’s using the selected value from the drop down? If you want to execute the script of tag change then you need to bind the dropdown value to the tag that has the tag change script on it

what I want is to save that field in my database, but I have the insert in a change event.

and that’s my question, can I save that field in my script? and how can i do it?

A change event script doesn’t know about anything from a client, so you will need to bidirectionally bind the dropdown’s selection to a tag, which you can then read in your tag change script

thank you very much, understood