Extract row column value from perspective table on a 'double click'

I must be close, sorry if this is a simple one; I want to extract the value of a specific column of a row of a table on a Perspective view when it is double - clicked, so I can pass that value as a param to a view that will pop up and display further detail. What is the syntax for line #2 of the attached for extracting that table data (since what is there isn’t doing it)? Thanks much!

Assuming that the props.data is a dataset type the syntax would look like:

RunID = self.data.getValueAt(event.row, "RunID")

Hmm, I try that too, and It’s not invoking or getting to the pop up window, ‘bombing’ on the getValueAt, with this error in the logs for the script…

Ohh, and sorry, yes it is a Dataset. Thanks much!

And if it has any bearing, it is bound to a Query…

Hi @jeff.ryan,

Why are you not using the event.value this give you a json string. Then you can extract the value you need.

@Arnaud_Declerck , lack of familiarity and experience… But now I know.

I got there. Thanks to both of you. As I think somehow the GetValueAt would do it. But this is what I need. Thanks.

Little correction it's a dict not a string :slight_smile:

Experience comes with time and practice trust me :wink:
I few month ago i was asking such questions also.

All the best with your project