Extracting alarm info from click event - perspective view alarm status table alarm

I have all the pieces in place other than one. I believe the topic has been broached here before, so sorry if I’m dredging things up again. But, ideal, I’d like to click on one selection (alarm) in an alarm status table on a perspective view and pop up another view with further (diagnostic) information.

I’m doing this on an onClick event , script runAction and openPopup, passing a parameter that a PDF viewer source is bound to on that window. That is working great with a constant for the parameter.

I need to extract the alarm name, display path, label, or ‘something’ to identify it from the selected alarm to programmatically set that parameter.
It looks like previously it may not have been possible, but this is 8.1.17 and it might be now? If so, anyone else have some getting started python script examples to do so? Thanks much!

A colleague of mine found a great solution.

Well don’t be stingy and share it, incase someone else is in the same predicament.



OK then… A custom method that has visibility into the table and pops up the window, that is called when a custom property we created for ‘selection count’ changes (change script) to a single selection.