Extracting data from incoming SECS Message from equipment

I am using ignition to communicate with an equipment using SECS/GEM. I am getting the response which is something like this:

{u'body': [{u'format': 'A', u'doc': 'MDLN, Equipment Model Type', u'value': 'sim1'}, {u'format': 'A', u'doc': 'SOFTREV, Software Revision Code', u'value': '1'}], u'header': {u'stream': 1, u'function': 2, u'doc': 'On Line Data', u'reply': False}}

Is there a way to get just the body? I am using table component along with system.secsgem.getResponse, and system.secsgem.toDataSet for better visualisation. But the intention is to carry out a flow as per the value recieved in the body of the incoming message.

Also, is there a way to get these values on tag by default? As of now, only stream 6 messages are being stored in tags.

Thank you