Extracting Dataset from larger dataset


I have two tables on a window that come from the same database table. I would like to have one query binding on the root container “SELECT * FROM TABLE” so that it doesn’t hit the database twice every time I change the where clause.

Is there a way to extract columns from one dataset into smaller datasets using expressions?

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Yeah you could have a “next” button, that increments a index. You could have a property change listener on the button, and every time the change fires, you could use the index to pull a small subset of data from the larger dataset.

Yeah. I thought about that. Kinda would like to use an expression rather than an event script though.

I don’t think you’re going to find any expression functions that will let you work with datasets in the way that you want to. They are pretty limited that way.

Your best bet, in my opinion, is to store all your data from the query in a dataset custom property on the root container, or anywhere else that is useful for you, and use a property change event on that dataset property to build the two datasets for each of your two tables. Any time the dataset gets new data (ie. your where clause changes) the two tables will automatically get populated with new data (no need for extra buttons, etc.)