Extracting HTML Source Code from Inline Frame

Hello All,

I currently have an inline frame directed to an internal site, that displays a web page with a couple of tables on it after the Session starts, and the IDP SSO completes its general Auth routine.

I figured there would be a property for the inline frame like: "Props.PageSource" so I can extract the HTML code from the inline browser. That does not seem to be the case, and I am looking for a solution to extract that data.

Any ideas on what I should try?


Web browsers don't allow you to do this cross-domain. If you want to 'scrape' a website, you need to authenticate to it and retrieve it programmatically using something like system.net.httpClient. The inline frame component is purely a convenience for the frontend.

It is natural for a programmer to think this way, but malware authors do too. This capability would enable a malicious website to offer an iframe to some other site as if it were that site, and gain access to everything the user does.

Don't even wish for this.

Thank you both for the quick reply!

The reason I shied away from the system.net.httpClient, was I am having a rough time passing the session SSO credentials managed by the SAML IDP to gain access to the internal site. The inline frame was doing some automagic I don't quite understand yet. But I will study the httpClient calls further.

Have a good weekend.