Extracting Tag Values from the default database sqlt_data in MySQL

I intend to extract certain tag values which I have logged under Default Historical scan class in Ignition. I realized that those tags are being stored under a default database table “sqlt_data_…” with columns timestamp, intvalue and floatvalue. I have observed that 2 separate timestamps are being recorded for intvalue tag and floatvalue tag despite being recorded at same time. Is there a way to have a single timestamp record for both intvalue and floatvalue tags as they are recorded at the very same time. I have around 450-500 tags under “sqlt_data” default database table which I want to extract in a CSV for reporting purposes, but the separate timestamp record is doubling my column size.

A help would certainly be appreciated.

The tag historian treats every tag individually when saving to the DB. If you need multiple data points explicitly recorded together, use a transaction group. That will receive a single timestamp for the group event.