Extremely Slow opc.browse even when connection is fine

I am using the 8.0.14 nightly, and seem to be having some troubles with a simple OPC Browse

I am trying to look through the folder that I have highlighted, and my script takes absolutely ages to run and then just times out.

Is there some simple thing that I am missing here?

EDIT: Also tested this on 8.0.12 with another gateway, same issue

Even if I add the SLC simulator and run the same example listed in the docs, it does the same thing and eventually times out.

You also cant interrupt it or it will just continue until it times out anyway.

We use browseServer for something like this.

Steve wrote and documented a nice piece of code for it in the above thread.

Something does seem wrong with this function right now. It’s doing a recursive browse at too early a starting point or something.

As suggested, use browseServer, which is always preferred to browse or browseSimple which should really be marked deprecated.

That worked! Thank you guys so much