F****** timestamps/dates

How can I convert the Date datatype in to seconds since epoch?

unix_timestamp() in MySQL. It varies from platform to platform. What DB are you using?

If you have a Date in scripting, this will convert it to seconds since epoch (Java epoch is Jan 1, 1970)

date = ... secondsSinceEpoch = data.getTime() / 1000

Thanks Carl,

I have a date from a date picker component. I needed to get it into epoch seconds to use in a database query to compare against a timestamp. (t_stamp column in sqlt_data_xxx table to be precise)

Nathan, I’m using PostGres.

The solution I worked out was to use:

select extract(epoch from timestamp with time zone '"+system.db.dateFormat(date, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSSZ')+"')

I like Carl’s solution better. Why the ‘/1000’? does getTime() return milliseconds since epoch?

yep - milliseconds. See the javadocs for details.