Facebook UI changed recently. Is it REACT framework?

You must have all noticed, the Facebook UI have completely changed since last few days! Its definitely more lightweight and fast responding, even on mobiles. I was just wondering, is it due to use of REACT framework on the UI , which is their own technology? As Ignition uses REACT in perspective, I thought perspective users may know it better. If so then REACT is definitely a good choice of framework for Ignition.

Well, no. I block facebook and all of its properties at all of my routers. If they hadn’t created React, I would have zero interaction with them.

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Its very popular in this part of the world!

While I don’t go to the same extremes Phil does, I also don’t use facebook or any of its social media products, so I can’t comment on how it feels or anything.

That said I do know based on various technical discussions/articles that React is a significant part of their front end. But, that was true on the ‘old’ version as well, so whatever performance improvements exist are likely due to a bunch of architectural/implementation details more than whichever view library they’re using.

Either way, React isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good, and clearly capable at scale. Can’t say I love all of their decisions the maintainers make, but even with a few years time having passed since we started working on Perspective, there isn’t anything else out there that I’d choose as an obviously superior alternative.

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Nice to read your frank opinion and comments Perry. What has changed significantly in the new version of FB is its look and feel which is completely different from previous version, it looks like a completely new application! And of course its response time also has improved significantly. I haven’t used either REACT framework or the Perspective client, so thought its due to REACT and bounced it to the forum. So its not just the front end , it must be a restructuring of the back end design as well for the response improvement. But looks like its all done overnight!

Definitely its better than Angular which has to steeeep learning curve and still evolving. But I think VUE is more intuitive and easier to learn. Best part is that we remain in real DOM and HTML world rather than a virtual one, hence its easier to embed real HTML /JS code in it where ever we want, unlike in REACT where everything is converted to virtual DOM. That is my opinion, as I said I haven’t used REACT that much. Of course every framework has its advantages and drawbacks.