Factory Reset Gateway

This may be a silly question, but, is there a quick way to do a full reset of a gateway to installation defaults, without having to uninstall/reinstall ignition?

We use a machine for our dev work and it can be a little laborious when switching over to a new project.

Stopping the gateway, deleting the contents of the DB folder, and starting it again gets you 99% of the way there.


I gave this a try and now the image browser is empty. How can I restore the images?

What about the other 1%? Is there a documented way that details exactly how to do this?

No, but the rest of it is probably just the contents of the data dir, especially on 8.0 as it now contains the project resources.

Even scan classes?

Scan class configurations (or tag groups in 8.0) are stored in the internal DB.

Hi Kevin i wanted to do gateway factory reset but instead of DB folder i have deleted data folder. I am not able to run unistaller and wonder how to uninstall ignition in clean way before i install it again?

Deleting the db folder contents gets rid of all the builtin images that are in the db. When creating a new project in the gateway all those builtin images were gone. I looked in the new db file and the Images table was empty. I ended up uinstalling and reinstalling instead.

I spin up a virtual machine and install the same version of ignition, I download a gateway backup without making any changes and rename the backup to BlankGateway<version>_<date>.gwbk. I have one for every major version number.


I wish these clean gateway backups were available to us from somewhere online, or if there was a button in the gateway to restore to factory default or something like that…

I agree! It would be nice to have a complete reset.

Perhaps post here, https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/
I did a brief search and didn't see that the idea has been created.

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