Factory SQL/PMI on virtual machine

We are planning to convert an existing Factory SQL/PMI installation from a physical server to virtual to improve reliability and recovery time.

Does anyone know of any caveats or gotchas that we should consider prior to doing this ?

More info on our installation:

We have the following licences:
[ul]Factory SQL v4
Factory PMI v3
Reporting Plugin v1
KepserverEx v4.0
Siemens Suite
Modicon Suite[/ul]
Using MySQL for the database.
We have two network interfaces. One for PLCs the other on the corporate side.
No serial connections.

Thanks in advance for any feedback :thumb_left:


I imagine that in the few months since you’ve asked this you’ve figured it out, but just for completion, with the components you’ve listed, I don’t think you’d have a problem, except potentially with Kepware. Even there you should be fine, but you would want to check with them… I think they improved VM support somewhere along the way.