Factory Talk Linx Gateway UA mode and Ignition Designer

Hello all,

I just installed FactoryTalk Linx Gateway 6.0, and I set up a new UA server in Ignition. It shows connected.
If I use the OPC Quick Client from the gateway, I can see the PLC tags, read and write to them.
Then I go to the designer, I use the OPC browser, find my tags and drag and drop them onto my Tags Browser, but I get a Config Error. Am I doing something wrong? Ignition 7.9.4.



Hello, thank you for the reply.

I had read that post. In fact, it is what moved me to try version 6.00, to try the OPC-UA. But if the problem were in the Factory Talk Linx Gateway, I would expect the issue to show up in the Quick OPC Browser as well.

Since I can brose and operate from the gateway, I expect the issue to be somewhere between the gateway and the designer, either a bug, a setting I don’t know about, or a mistake from my part.

Hasn’t anybody else tried the Linx Gateway?



Hi iluntasun…

For what it’s worth, I am able to drag and drop tags from the OPC Browser without a config error. They read/write without issue. Not sure what your particular config error might be. Perhaps the logs can give a hint.

EDIT: I am running 7.9.7


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The first time I set up RSLinx Classic and made a connection using the OPC-DA module I was experiencing the same problem. I could browse tags but dragging and dropping them into the tag editor I would get null data. They were even showing up in RSLinx as active items but still configuration errors. In the gateway logs I found entries that stated this was likely to do with DCOM security. I added the security settings according to this article: https://support.inductiveautomation.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/4/0/setting-up-and-troubleshooting-opc-com-connections

that and a reboot and everything started working.

Hope it works for you.