FactoryPMI 3.3.1 Beta available in the integrator portal

Mostly bug fixes, here is the tentative changelog entry:

[ul][li] Improved: Major changes to how Time Zones are handled. “Auto-adjust dates for timezone” setting has been removed from the Gateway, and instead each project now has a “Default Timezone” setting, which defaults to “Gateway Timezone”. This allows for a more consistent interpretation of date information.[/li]
[li] Improved: Easy Chart component uses prepared statements for its queries so that they are cross-TimeZone compatible.[/li]
[li] Improved: fpmi.tag.getTagValue() and fpmi.tag.writeToTag() can now read and write any tag property, not just the tag’s value.[/li]
[li] Improved: Table and List component’s “enabled” property now correctly prevents the user from selecting rows.[/li]
[li] Improved: JVM utility logging now bridged to designer/client logging system.[/li]
[li] Tweaked: Dropdown component’s type-ahead input delay increased to 2 seconds.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Fixed NoClassDefFoundError when saving a chart as an image.[/li]
[li] Fixed: fpmi.dataset.toDataSet() is now much more tolerant of null values in its column type detection.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Classic Chart component’s y-axis did not correctly calculate an automatic range when the chart was in category mode and the dataset contained null values.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Potential ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception querying very precise floating point information.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Minor problem importing previously exported windows that caused the windows to not initialize correcly on the first open.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Retarget feature’s login prompt used an overly restrictive character filter.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Dropdown component failed to properly initialize its mode for very large datasets.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug in fpmi.dataset.setValue() that could incorrectly cause bounds-checking errors.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Editable table did not provide the correct type (BigInteger) for numeric editing if all digits were removed before entering a value.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Editable table did not correctly align numeric editors.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Editable table feature failed to work for very large datasets.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Editable table is now safe to use with null values.[/li]
[li] Fixed: DataSets serialized empty string as null which confused the Table’s column configuration after saving a window.[/li][/ul]

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