FactoryPMI 3.3.2 Beta now available

Mostly just bug fixes:

[li] Improved: Table.setColumnAttributesDataset now uses automatic type-coersion. [/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug that caused projects to be unable to launch in Applet mode.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug that caused an error on classic charts in category mode that had zero rows of data.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug in table.setValue() that caused it to not coerce from python datatypes well.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug that caused the Designer’s custom palettels to not be re-created if they were lost.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Chart now draws selection highlight correctly when the chart has a border.[/li][/ul]

Also contains Reporting Plugin 1.1.6:
[li] Improved: Lessened memory footprint when exporting reports to PDF that contain line charts.[/li]
[li] Fixed: Bug in row selector that could cause an error[/li][/ul]

Beta 2 is now up. minor additions:

[li]Improved: Accessability improved on the dynamic property customizer. [/li]
[li]Fixed: Easy Chart now correctly fires mouse events.[/li]
[li]Fixed: Bug that caused the module editor’s buffer to get cleared when also running the script playground.[/li][/ul]