FactoryPMI Designer Crashing

I’m having a problem where the FactoryPMI designer keeps locking up on me. This happens after about 3 minutes of having it open. The error is a java out of memory error, and I get it regardless of what computer I’m opening the designer from. This also only happens on one specific project. In the mean time, I’m going to export all the windows and jython modules, create a new project, and reimport them. Any ideas as to what this could be? It’s clearly an issue with the project.

I agree. And as such, we're going to need to see the project to make any kind of diagnosis. I would venture further and say that its probably one specific window, maybe one that creates a huge report? Can you post the project here or email it to support?

I removed our window that has the reporting plugin and I’m still having problems. I’ll e-mail the project to support@inductiveautomation

I also noticed that when the designer starts slowing down (before the inevitable freeze), task manager says that the javaw.exe process is using about 600MB ram and 100% CPU.

What OS, JAVA version, IA version, etc, etc