FactoryPMI designer not connecting to gateway

I just rebooted my virtual machine running the FactoryPMI software. From within that virtual machine, I cannot connect to gateway with the designer. However, the Gateway status monitor is working, along with the web interface.

java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect

The gateway is running on the same machine, and on the default port of 8005. Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance.

Side note: I also noticed that when things are working properly, changing the gateway’s port to anything besides 8005 causes the designer to have problems connecting. It seems that it always tries to connect to the gateway at localhost:8005, and this can be somewhat irritating when running the gateway on a different port. Is there a way to point the designer to a different port?

The designer will point to whatever gateway address/port that is was launched off of. If you change the gateway port, the desktop shortcut created by Java Web Start will no longer point to the right place. You need to clear the java web start cache (Control Panel > Java > Settings… > Delete Files…) and re-launch the designer from the gateway web interface to create a new shortcut on your desktop.

That error you pasted is a basic networking error coming from Windows. I doubt that the error is misleading, I suspect that things just aren’t agreeing on the correct port.

8005 is not the default port, by the way, it is 8080.