FactoryPMI doesn't see SQLTags tables in MSSQL

I’m trying to use Microsoft SQL Server and didn’t install MySQL. I created a data connection called MSSQL in FactorySQL. When I go into FactoryPMI Gateway Status in the SQLTags tab, it says SQLTags tables not created. Run FactorySQL to create tables. I did run FactorySQL and there are several tables in the database starting with sqlt_*. What else do I need to do?

There is a SQLTags configuration section in FactorySQL. It’s a matter of checking a checkbox to enable SQLTags and selecting a datasource (your SQL Server connection). You may need to restart the FSQL service after doing this (or reboot).

He said in his post that he sees several tables named sqlt_*. Every time I’ve seen someone have a problem with this, it’s simply been that the 2 data connections (FactorySQL & FactoryPMI) aren’t exactly the same, usually pointing to different database names.

Double check that you’re going to the same server, and to the same database. If that’s absolutely correct, we can go from there.


The problem was that I wasn’t paying attention to the JDBC Connect URL in the Gateway configuration. This has to be configured correctly for the Designer to see the tables.