FactoryPMI installation on Existing Tomcat Webserver

I have an existing Tomcat apache webserver running an existing java web application. After installing FactoryPMI…the FactoryPMI gateway now restricts/denies accress to my existing java web application. FactoryPMI runs great, but I need my existing application up and running.

I notice FactoryPMI installs it’s own Tomcat webserver in the C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactoryPMI\tomcat\webapps\ROOT.

Is there a way to install FactoryPMI on an existing Tomcat Apache Webserver without disrupting existing applications?


Is there a chance that both are trying to run on the same port? FactoryPMI uses 8080 by default, which you can change by using the “Monitor Gateway” tool (Start->Programs->Inductive Auto…->FactoryPMI)

After changing the port, restart both services (factorypmi and your other server).

If that’s not the case, can you give us some more info about what happens when access to the other server is “denied”? Do you get a specific error message, web page, etc?



That got it started again. I’ve set the FactoryPMI Gateway to port 8090 instead. Restarted both servers and now everything is running fine.

Much appreciated,