FactorySQL 3.0 and Upcoming Development

Hello all-

FactorySQL 3.0 has just been released, and it represents a great deal of feedback and suggestions from our integrators and users. We rely heavily on these suggestions when evaluating ideas for changes & features, and determining development timelines. Therefore please continue to send us feedback, either on the forum, through email, or by phone!

At any rate, there were unfortunately a bunch of very good ideas that we just simply couldn’t pack into this release. I wanted to take this opportunity to mention a few that we’re going to be working on for the 3.1 release, so that those people out there waiting for them will know we haven’t forgot about them!

First and foremost is Enhanced Alert Emailing, with very flexible distribution lists, schedules, etc. The main goal: be able to send alerts to different groups based on the parameters of the alert! We know this has been a long time coming, but it’s thanks to a recent surge in interest (from an amazingly large number of different sources) that this has become the top priority.

Next, we are going to work on a data buffering system that will queue up historical data before writing it to the database (either based on time or amount of data). This may not sound appealing, but it has a few BIG implications: 1) Allows you to log bursts of data much quicker than is currently possible (imagine, on a trigger, logging every 10ms for a certain amount of time) and 2) Improves fault tolerance by continuing to take samples at the specified time, even if there are temporary slowdowns with the database (important when accessing the database remotely).

Finally, of course, we will be continuing to enhance our current systems, improving redundancy and block groups, and fixing any bugs that come up.

Please feel free to comment and add your own wish list/suggestions!