FactorySQL Command Timeout


it seems that factorysql is using the default 30 second command timeout with sql server.

I have a group which executes every minute and take sometimes more than 30 seconds to execute, causing a timeout error. Could not find any option in the xml or the registry.

I am using FactorySQL 4.2.13 with sql server 2005. Any way to increase the Command Timeout?

I think the only setting for that would be on the database’s JDBC driver as a extra connection parameter. Your query shouldn’t take 30 seconds to complete. I would figure out why that is happening. Maybe your table is really large or doesn’t have any indexes setup.

its a collection of queries inside a procedure which write a status value from the DB to multiple tags. So there are 50 variables being set by 50 queries to be written into tags.

Ofcourse I could split it up into two groups but ofcourse this scenerio can still occur sometimes if the table is busy. I know everything about indexes etc but there should still be a command timeout value somewhere to be set since factorysql seems to be using ADO Dotnet. There is only a connection timeout property in the connection string as far as i could check.

Any help?

Yes, what you’re referring to is the IDbCommand.CommandTimeout property. However, there is no way to set this in FactorySQL. We found its implementation to be unreliable across various database connectors, at least back then.

Your best bet, if there really is no way to improve the table locking, may be to have FactorySQL (or your procedure) write to a buffer table, and then have some daemon move the data from there into the final table(s).