FactorySQL Front End On Remote Computer

For support purposes, is it possible to have multiple PC’s with the FactorySQL front end installed to support one instance of the FactorySQL service which would be running in our data center. If so, would we need to purchase multiple licenses? Nearly all our support would be from remote locations.

Sure, you can use a FactorySQL front-end to connect to a remote service. Only the FactorySQL service installaction in your data center needs to be licensed.

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Is it easy or even possible to transfer a license. I could think of occasions when running an instance of FactorySQL temporarily on site would be useful.

Yes, you can unactivate an activated FactorySQL. You need an internet connection to do this instantly, or you can do it over the phone. Or you can buy a hardware USB dongle for easier floating licenses.

Up to you!

How much is a hardware USB dongle? Can I transfer an existing license to it?

I’m going to defer on answering this for now. The USB dongles haven’t been officially announced yet - see upcoming FactoryPMI 3.1 and FactorySQL 4.1 press release

Does the same go for FactoryPMI? i.e. can the license be transferred from one machine to another? Are the licenses transferrable from Linux <-> Microsoft? We want to start with FActoryPMI on a Windows machine initially with the goal of having it on our production Linux box.

Yes, definitely. You can un-activate/activate as much as you want across Windows or Linux.

I think that currently the hardware activation keys don’t work on linux, but that should be fixed with the next major release. Keep in mind, though, that hardware keys aren’t required- the normal activation system is software only.