FactorySQL/PMI and VMware compatibility

Just a quick query regarding using both FSQL and FPMI within a virtual machine (VMware specifically).
I already have these set up in a VM and haven’t come up against any issues I can directly relate to a virtual environment.
I’m just wondering whether IA staff or any other users have any past exprience with this setup.

BTW, enjoying the software, when I get chance to play (new user)


I’ve never personally run FSQL/FPMI within VMWare, but I’ll check around for you to see if others have. Have you downloaded FSQL 3.0.1 and FPMI 2.0.1 (or current)?

My guess would be that running the FactoryPMI client (A JWS launched Java application) should be trivial to run on a virtual machine. The FactoryPMI Gateway takes another step in securing a port and running as a Windows Service, but shouldn’t be different than running IIS (or any other Windows web server) in VMWare. My guess would be that FactorySQL could be more difficult with the DCOM based OPC support especially depending on the OPC Server requirements (ie, TCP/IP based connection easier than serial port).

I’d be happy to help you get started with either/both pieces of software. (boeger AT inductiveautomation DOT com)

Thanks Nathan,
VMware has worked pretty well for me when having to map a VM serial port to a real host port (I’ve managed to program most PLCs through a VM at some time or another). As you say, TCP/IP is the most likely anyway, which I would have confidence in, from past experience (I managed to run a live batch server in a VM, keeping production running while I serviced the real one).
I have FSQL 2.3.8 and FPMI 2.0.0 (I think) installed.
The great benefit for me is to demo this kind of software in a distributed environment (maybe 3 VMs) instead of everything piled onto one machine, all neatly hosted on my laptop.
I’ll post any issues (or not) that I find, if there’s any interest in this.


I just spoke with an Integrator who uses VMWare extensively. Looks like it shouldn’t be a problem to use FSQL/FPMI with it. I would recommend that you download the latest versions of FSQL and FPMI (3.0.1 and 2.0.1, respectively)

For what it’s worth, I use our stuff inside of Parallels on Mac all the time. Works great (almost better than my dedicated windows machine… :laughing: )