FactorySQL Redundancy - Setup

I just enabled redundancy on FactorySQL. It seems to be working but I’m not sure if I setup this right. I have two physical servers (A and B) running a virtual servers each with a mirrored database. I setup another two virtual servers (one in A and the other in B) running factorySQL on both. I setup redundancy on the first FactorySQL (A) pointing to the database on A and the second FactorySQL pointing to the database on B, from the second FactorySQL (B) and connected to the service in the Master which is (A). I don’t know how to establish the cross connection.

DB (A) ----------------- DB (B)
| |
FactorySQL (A) ------ FactorySQL (B)

If the database is mirrored, the way you have it set up should be fine. However, if the database is only mirrored one way, historical data can be a problem: when it’s written to A, it will be mirrored. But if A goes down and B writes to database B, the data will not make its way back to A.

A potential solution for this is to set up a second database connection for history only that points to A from both machines. When A goes, B will continue to run status/SQLTag stuff, but will cache historical data. When database A comes back up, the cached data will be written.

Hope this helps,