FactoryTalk Transaction Manager AOI replacement?

This might be asking a bit much, but does anyone have an Allen Bradley AOI that they use in place of a FactoryTalk TM AOI? Or just a very reliable Allen Bradley / Ignition Transaction Groups AOI? We recently migrated a customer away from a bunch of FactoryTalk stuff to Ignition, and one of the things I replaced was transaction manager. I wrote my own AOI to do that, which works about 99% of the time… Other times I get duplicate entries and need to go and manually remove them from the database. If anyone has anything in terms of a reliable Allen Bradley AOI for handling hourly database records that would be really helpful.

Unfortunately one of the hurdles is that the recorded time comes from the PLC, and once a year for Daylight savings time, there will be a duplicate entry ( I hate DST SO much…), so unfortunately ticking the box for “only evaluate when values have changed” isn’t an option.

Consider using the 64-bit wallclock current value (unix epoch microseconds) as your trigger. That’s in UTC and will yield the correct time regardless of DST. Divide by 1000 to pass to system.date.fromMillis().

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hrm, in this scenario the timestamp really needs to come from the PLC so there’s not really a way around it

I’m talking about the internal clock of the PLC.