Fail over function without having to by another license

Is there a way that you could have the server update a license on the local host by the server let’s say once per day so that I don’t have to buy another license for all of my machines? I am working on implementing a better network but I can’t have operators standing around when there is a network problem.

I fully understand the importance of the licensing of your product but I have to seriously reconsider my system design because I can’t afford to add another $1600 to every machine I want to add to the system.

Thanks for considering this.


I think your best route is probably to design your ideal situation, and then talk to your account rep about what that might look like. Besides the technical details of what architecture might be best, they can probably work with you a bit on price, since these licenses would be part of a bigger system, and not actually “stand alone”.


Thanks, I will see what I can do.