Fail to load kymera module

Hello all,

we are trying to load Kymera MapPanel module on the gateway scripting.
while the script has no error in the script console we receive an error on the status of the GW on the gateway scripts saying "no module found Kymera"

screenshots for your reference


Your screenshot shows you trying to access com.kymera.client... from a gateway script. You can't access Vision Client-specific classes from the gateway.


is this something which was changed in the later versions of ignition?
on ignition 8.1.1 the script was working smoothly.

Nothing changed in Ignition. You must be mistaken about what the contents of the script were, or what scope it was being executed in. It's simply not possible to access the Client-scoped classes from that module in the Gateway scope.

Nothing you're attempting to do in your screenshot of the Gateway Timer Script is possible. There's no access to the MapPanel component, and no access to the system.gui functions because there is no GUI to speak of.