Failed to validate certificate

I’m getting a “Failed to validate certificate” error when I try to launch designer (in Chrome or IE 8).

I see a few other people in the forum have had this problem in the past, but I don’t find any solutions.

I am evaluating Ignition for purchase. I have just installed the latest version with Java latest version. I am running on Windows 7 64-bit. IE security was at Medium. It did not help to set it to low.

Could you point me toward the steps I should take to troubleshoot this?


Can you grab some screenshots of the error?

Did you enable HTTPS on your gateway?

Screen captures are attached. I did not enable HTTPS on gateway - see screen capture.


Can you try opening the Java control panel, going to the advanced settings tab, and turning off OCSP?

If that doesn’t work, you can either try launching using the native client launchers (download from the main page of the gateway, at the bottom) or call into support and see if they can help you get going.



I have the same problem, any solution?


Try to download Client Launcher and from there to open Designer.
it works for me.

Updated Java, Updated windows and re-booted. Works now.

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Since OP didn't properly report back their results I'm necroposting this. Kevin Herron's suggestion to turn off OCSP in the Java Control Panel worked for me. For a bit more clarity, the application is called "Configure Java" and the setting that needs to be changed is "Check for signed code certificate revocation using ... "