Failed to validate Certificate

I try to start up the designer and I’m getting this error. I’m running xp sp3 with Java 7 build 25. I just upgraded Ignition to ver 7.6.2. It seems the certificate isn’t showing up in my list of trusted user certificates. Any ideas?

Okay, got it working. I had to go to advanced on the java control panel and change “Perform certificate revocation checks on” to Do Not Check.

I went hunting through the Java certificates and the certificate did not show up in the list of Trusted Certificates-Users. Is there a way to get a copy of the certificate so I can load it into Java? I’m not real enthused about running java without any certificate checking, and know for a fact my customer will not allow this.

I would suggest upgrading both Ignition and Java to the most recent releases, Ignition 7.6.4 and Java 7 update 45. This should resolve the issue and allow you to enable “Perform certificate revocation checks”