Fallback Value not returned when null

I have a numeric textbox with a SQL query binding on the float property. I have the fallback value selected with a value of 0.

When the value in the database does not exist the query returns NULL, but Ignition gives me a red box around my component.

If I am in the designer I receive the error message:

[quote]Exception: Conversion error: query returned null, binding needs “float”
on query binding for “SPCIR.Root Container.txtXUSL.floatValue”

That means your query did return a result and the result happened to be null. Change your query to the following:SELECT COALESCE(Value, 0) FROM tbltest WHERE ID={Root Container.ddType.selectedValue}

In FactoryPMI, which is where all our projects are coming from, the behavior was to use the fall back value not the resulting NULL.

Am I going to have to find everyplace we used the fall back value in place of NULLand edit the query to use ISNULL() or COALESCE()?

The fallback value is only there if the query returns no rows on a scalar query. I am pretty sure that is how it behaved in FactoryPMI. For some reason your query is returning a single row with a null value. Run it in a query browser to see.