Fanuc FOCAS to Ignition

Does anyone know if there is a module that can be used with Fanuc FOCAS enabled CNC machines.

There's an MTConnect driver in the showcase, IIRC. Otherwise you'll need Kepware. The underlying protocol drivers are Windows-only and do not play well with Java.

yes, i saw MTConnect driver info. Since our machines already equipped FOCAS, we are trying to use them. I'm pretty new to Kepware. Any information how i should use Kepware to communicate with FOCAS? Thank you,


Thank you very much! Let me go through this.

I was asked by Ignition team that Focas can be connected to ignition OPC connection.
This is an instruction guide: Integrating Fanuc FASOPC with Ignition SCADA | Corso Systems

However, now i have this below issue:

I think issue is here:

I don't know how to set the localhost:xxxx/discovery portion. Don't know where to find xxxxx numbers. Can anyone help?

Talk to whoever set up the FASOPC server.

Ok sounds good. thanks

Can someone help me how to do addressing in kepware for FASOPC tags?