Fast Data to SQL DB with SQL Bridge Module?

We are using Ignition 8.1 as the SCADA to communicate with a TwinCAT runtime and SQL DB.

The feature I am trying to build:
An Ignition screen that allows users to select a number of variables to begin recording at a 10ms rate. I plan on buffering all signals into a 2D array in the PLC that will have a cumulative record of 1 sec worth of data.

I can constrain the signals the user can choose to record by the Ignition interface, but I will not know the exact variables/data types to be recorded until it is sent to the PLC. From what I know, this variability will cause issues with properly accessing data in the PLC and writing to the SQL DB from the PLC with built-in TwinCAT libraries (unless I use some middleware using a TwinCAT .DLL).

As I understand the SQL Bridge, I would need a transaction group or tag group at a 10ms rate to directly access the variables I want to record if I don’t do buffering. This seems like too fast a rate to do efficiently (but I’m not an SQL expert, or really an expert at anything).

Does anyone have feedback on how to accomplish this feature or a better way to go about this? I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.
Adam Haney

If you are going to buffer 100 samples of each variable, then pause, I would put code in the PLC to present each row to Ignition in a single place. Let Ignition record as fast as you can get it to go, handshaking to move the next row into the single-row recording buffer. I’d script it instead of using a transaction group.

@pturmel Thank you very much for your feedback. I will attempt this approach.