Faster loading perspective page, a table and an xychart with some flex containers, 8.1

I setup a perspective page.
It has a table, 1020x23.
There is an XY Chart from another query with a script transform.

I tried these changes on the table, but the table still takes 7 seconds to load:
The table, I set it up with a query tag. Page takes 7 seconds to load the data.
I set the table up with a query, the page takes 7 seconds to load the data.

Then I removed the XY chart from the page, and still 7 seconds either way.

What does it take to speed this page up?

You may want to include some specific info, code, settings, screenshots, view exports, etc., for anyone to be really helpful. Otherwise it’s just a flat guess.

I can’t anyway. Company doesn’t allow specific stuff.

I have another page loaded with historian bound XY charts, like maybe 800 of them give or take 100.

Takes about 20 seconds for the blue screen project loading, but the page populates in 7 seconds.

Try optimizing the query.

Have you seen the movie Fletch? If not, that may help… it’s all about ball bearings these days.


Please say what you mean to say, I don’t know that movie, sorry

Just sarcasm @zacharyw.larson.

Without more info to go on there isn’t much anyone can do to help short of saying make it better so it’s faster.

Do you have the slow query? Can you paste it here?

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how fast does a query need to be to load the page fast?

I have more than one page, and some are setup different ways.
Some have fast queries, or at least half a second.
It is not just one page.

I am hoping for some rules of thumb or metrics that I can test.
So far, every page I test, takes about 7 seconds even if really complex.

What is your definition of “fast”

There are many factors at play when loading a page and many of them are outside of Ignition’s control.


how fast does a query need to be to load the page fast?

No way to answer this without knowing whats on the rest of the page etc. But improving how fast the client can start building your page because it is waiting less for the data is usually one common way to improve performance.

If you’re queries are already fast then they’re not the issue and you may just have too much stuff on a single page.

I made that comment as I thought you said you had a query that took 7 seconds - that seems like a spot where you can at least improve the performance.

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I don’t know that query time is what matters because even if it is a tag dataset, I still get 7 seconds delay.

Is the tag dataset on polling?

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Polling would be set in the binding?

If so, then no.

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It would be set in the tag setup iirc. Point being if the query takes 7 seconds and say you were polling every 5 seconds, I could see you running into issues.

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I set the tag up for fixed rate, and it is set for 14 million seconds.

I can only guess without knowing what your page looks like, but my guess is that this dataset has a lot of rows and table building seems to be an expensive operation (comparatively at least, compared to a hardcoded label for instance). I wonder if perhaps you might have a transformation that is not well optimized on the data, or an extension function on the table that runs on each row/cell, and with a lot of data, could take some doing. But again, I can only speculate without knowing more.

You should check out how good your connectivity is between the client and gateway and the gateway and the db as well. As @lrose pointed out there are many factors at play that you simply cannot control and network connectivity is near the top of that list.

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Call into support. If you can’t provide details here due to NDA, we are just guessing.


So 162 days? Seems reasonable. :rofl: Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Here’s the thing, you’ve basically asked us to tune your engine without suppling the engine.

Load the page components, or Load the data? There is a difference.

Without something tangible to examine you aren’t going to get an answer that is really going to help.

Also, I know you’ve had this hammer thrown at you over and over again, but you would probably also benefit from an upgrade. See this post for some info on why.

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I meant to find out in general, not specifically for my page as I have many of them.

Do you have a table with 1000 rows on a page that loads in a second? If so, how did you set it up?

Maybe I can copy that and discern if it the delay is something in my control or if it is something my company configured.