Faster PC = slower performance?

I’ve finally upgraded my creaky old PC to a new one, but I’m having a couple of problems with FactoryPMI I can’t work out:

  1. The load performance (either of a project or the Designer) is much worse. For example on my old PC it would load a particular project from its own installation of FactoryPMI in 6 seconds - loading a copy of the same project from the new PC takes 19 seconds; loading the Designer on the old PC took 11 seconds (after selecting which project to load) - trying to load it from the new PC takes nearly 30 seconds.

  2. When I try to run the Designer directly on the new PC (either the local copy or from my old PC), it locks the new PC solid when displaying the green login dialog. Despite the new PC not responding to the mouse or keyboard, the FactoryPMI server on the new PC can still be accessed from the old PC over the network, allowing projects or the Designer to be launched.

The new PC specifications are as follows:

Dell Vostro 410
Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor
2 GB 800MHz RAM
2x 500 GB hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3
Java 6 update 5
FactoryPMI v3.2.2
FactorySQL v4.2.4
MySQL v5.0.51b
Kepware v4.280.435.0

My old PC is about a quarter of the speed with a third of the RAM and less than a tenth of the hard disk space(!). The only other significant difference is that it is still running Service Pack 2.

Has anyone else reported similar problems?

You know, I’m 90% sure you’re running into an issue that we identified on Friday of last week, that I’m shocked we haven’t had anyone complain about before.

On your server, run the Unified Installer and do a custom install, just installing the “HASP Installer” under “Other related software”. Restart the server, and let me know if you’re still having the problem.

Any time you feel you’re short on complaints, just let me know…

I tried to run the HASP installer a couple of times, but it failed both times, despite ending up saying it had completed successfully. The performance of the PC seems worse if anything.

I’ve attached a couple of screendumps showing the error message and the installation log.

Wow. 16-bit MS Dos subsystem, huh? Maybe Service Pack 3 is to blame, let us look into it…

For completeness, he had to go manually download the GUI installer for the HASP driver from here:

And then it started working very fast. This will be resolved in 3.2.3