"FATAL - no home directory" error

One of my new clients is getting this error on some of their desktops. Ive found this thread but the link to a solution is dead. Ive searched around and it seems like this is a common bug in java. Im just not sure what to do to fix it. It seems like an issue with the way the some versions of windows or perhaps policies on the desktops are set for where the user information is stored. In these desktops, the shell folders in the registry located at

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

begin with %userprofile%\Desktop instead of being like this c:\Users\politesp\Desktop. Im not sure if that is related to this issue or not. Any elp would be appreciated.


What version of Ignition is this happening on? It sounds like something that got fixed, but I’ll have to dig through change logs and talk to Carl to be sure.

Dug through changelogs, looks like this was fixed in Ignition 7.4.3 and later.

ok. this is on 7.3.9. Ill upgrade asap.