Fatek FBs_60MC and XY-MD02 modbus issue

Hello everyone ,

I have my home climatic control with fatek and i want to read the XY-MD02 sensors on RS485 . I have conected to PLC FBs_6RTD , FBs_CBE internet port , FBs_CM55E .

I can read each sensor succesfuly on PC with a cheap interface , still the manual of that sensor is not realy acurate . The sensor read 4 digit , so the real temp/humid is divided by 100 not 10 how is writed in manual. Also is even parity . The problem is , i can't read them inside of PLC , i 'm out of solutions . I try any port configuration , nothing change . Can be possible a conflict between the two extension used FBs_CBE & FBs_CM55E ?

The PLC succesful communicate with weintek HMI in my home ,

Anyone any suggestion ? What i doing wrong . I lose 2 weeks reading the manuals for nothing .

Thanks in advance