Faulted database - innodb vs myisam

my database is currently faulted i was able to make the connection valid again using innodb force recovery.

i checked my database and it looks like two of my tables are corrupted, i tried the repair table trick but was not successful i had an error saying

“The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair mysql”

i did see some solutions that says i can try and switch it over to MyISAM

my concern is if i do that, will it have serious complications on my current database once the tables are repaired? our clients needs the trends and as much as possible we would want to get the data from this table restored because its the month of august, i mean if it was an older month it would probably be okay but since its the current month i might have some issues.

please let me know what your thoughts are. thank you

If you are able to start in recovery mode (which it appears you can, judging from the innodb force), I would recommend a dump/drop/reimport as mentioned in this site:


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sorry for the late reply but yes that’s what i ended up doing. thank you

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