Faulted database overlay images won't go away

I was working in the designer and with a client open over a period of a week or so when I started getting errors indicating that my database connections were faulted. The faulted database overlay appeared on some buttons in both the designer and the client. I saved the project not wanting to lose the last half hour of work, and then closed both designer and client. I also shutdown ignition and the MySQL server before restarting them.

I figured that having the designer and client open for an extended time while doing many project saves and updates in the client could expose some leakage issues in ignition. But, here’s the problem: When I restarted the designer and the client, the faulted database overlay images are still present. I’ve tried redefining the styles that control the buttons’ images, but the overlay will not go away. I’m afraid that when I performed the last save in the designer, somehow the overlays got saved in the buttons’ configurations. How do I undo this???

Attaching an image of the buttons with the overlay:

I would expect to have to re-execute the underlying queries. Do also check to see if a DB connection has been disabled or re-named. Those actions can produce the above effects, too.

Re-executing the queries in the designer did the trick. Thanks!

I am having a similar issue to this. I have been seeing my connection to my main database fault for less than a minute periodically. When this happens our plant scoreboards show the database overlay and when the connection comes back up the overlay never goes away. Is there a setting on my db bindings that will ensure the query re-runs periodically?